General Insurance

General Insurance

Whether you rent or own your home, ensure it makes sense. There are two main types of home insurance to consider – buildings and contents. As the names suggest, buildings insurance protects the property itself, while contents insurance covers the furniture, furnishings, appliances, clothing, and all your possessions.

Whatever the type of property you live in, even if it's,’' non-standard' the chances are I'll be able to help you to find the cover you need. And I'll also be able to help you get the right cover for all your home contents.

Although the value of properties and their contents will, of course, vary, it's important not to underestimate just how much all the contents in your home are worth – your electrical and technology items alone could easily add up to thousands of pounds. 'Gadgets' such as tablets are small but relatively expensive and can easily be damaged or stolen. Take a look around you; how much would it cost to replace all the contents of your home?

Although we all like to think it won't happen to our home, accidents, fires, burglaries, and other mishaps are not uncommon. So, while it's tempting to believe that home insurance is one expense that can be avoided, such a decision could prove to be a false economy. The good news is that I can help.

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